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Full of honest, enlivening and anthemic music, Holler and the Hand built songs for stomping your feet, rattling the cheap seats and honoring the FM dial’s glory days.

spiky, and at the same time melodic with a cinematic finesse.


Holler and the Hand wasted no time moving forward. They began sessions at Portrait Recording Studios with award winning engineer/producer Chris Badami and in Spring 2019, released their official debut EP, Tessera to positive reviews.

In support of Tessera the band set out playing regional live shows. Interspersing unplugged duo performances and full-band (with Badami on drums and Jesse Levitt on bass), Holler and the Hand quickly established a reputation as formidable live performers.

The band returned to Portrait Recording Studios early fall of the same year to record a stand-alone single, "Together" with an accompanying video shoot as their first offering for release in early 2020.

Prolific songwriting showing a breadth of diverse of new material, augmented by more live shows, new bassist Rudy Coviello, and a return trip to Portrait Recording Studios booked for 2020, Holler and the Hand have their sites set on landing firmly and swiftly onto the musical map.

Formed by seasoned musicians, Holler and the Hand is an original band with a rich blend of Americana that is uniquely their own. Endlessly listenable, undeniably entertaining, with something for every listener.  The musical mix is exceptionally diverse with helpings of rock, country, folk, bluegrass, R&B and the blues.

Craig Cirinelli and Ed Rossman, Holler and the Hands creators, have individual music experience which includes live performances on Sirius XM, internationally distributed albums on independent labels in 5 countries, overseas touring in Europe, Canada, festival slots such as South By Southwest (SXSW), Pouzza Fest, Musikfest and The Garden State Fair to name a few.

Craig’s powerful voice and inspired singing easily
draws you in. With a musical prowess and resonance his delivery brings an intimacy to each song’s scenario -like hanging-out with an old friend who has the most enigmatic stories.

Ed Rossman provides a perfect counterpoint with finger-picked guitar playing that is percussive and

Holler and the Hand  live is Ed Rossman, Craig Cirinelli, Chris Badami and Rudy Coviello.
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